It's Been Smithed?

In our family, we have a unique approach to getting things done - not necessarily the right or wrong way, but our own way. Like many Mainers, we possess a certain resourcefulness even when faced with daunting challenges. With a steady supply of coffee, we can always find a solution and proudly declare that we've "Smithed it". We're thrilled to introduce you to our delicious coffee and offer a glimpse into the sights of our corner of the world.

This is seriously good coffee!

We roast premium coffee in small batches using high-quality Arabica beans from around the world. Our process creates rich flavor and aroma. We roast to order, pack carefully, and maintain freshness for peak flavor. Choose from fair trade organic, single origin, blended, and flavored varieties. We offer whole bean or ground coffee, K-cups, and decaf options.

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