Our coffees are roasted in small batches using only the finest high grown Arabica beans from around the world. Then your order is shipped to you within hours of being roasted.  

Each batch of coffee is roasted in a small batch fluid-bed roaster and is heated through a bed of hot air, providing a uniform roast throughout the bean. As a result of this process, each batch of coffee acquires an incredible dimension of flavor and aroma. 

Your coffee is roasted to order then packaged to maintain peak freshness and flavor. All of this effort is because coffee is at its finest when brewed within two weeks of roasting and we want you to enjoy your coffee at the height of its powers.  It's Been Smithed Coffee Company offers a variety of single origin and blends, fair trade organics, and amazing flavored coffees.  Whatever your style is, we offer whole bean or ground coffee as well as fully recyclable K-cups and Swiss Water Process decaffeinated  in almost every single one of our 80 plus varieties of coffee.